The Journey

Stephen Mountford, was advised from a young age to study accountancy, by a family member due to his natural flair for analysis and figures.

While he trained and studied he won the Baker Prize for an excellent result in passing Professional Examination 1.

He was encouraged by his teachers to become a Chartered Accountant because of his natural expertise.

Since gaining Chartered status, Steve formed Beaumonts Chartered Accountants in 1992 with Mr. Brendan Murphy and they began practicing out of two offices, Holmes Chapel where Mr. Murphy built up a strong reputation and client base in Cheshire, and Burslem, the office Steve ran, on Moorland Road, Burslem, serving and building a client base primarily in the potteries.

Steve had already begun to amass expertise in business taxation and tax related matters, which are today still his main areas of expertise.

Due to the approachable and honest nature of Beaumonts, and close professional relationships formed with clients, the practice grew rapidly, purely by word of mouth advertising and personal recommendation.

Following the sad passing of Mr. Murphy in 1995, the full operation of Beaumonts Chartered Accountants was moved solely to the Burslem office where it remains today.

Beaumonts today employs Helen, daughter of the late Mr Murphy, co-founder of Beaumonts, Philip, the brother of Steve the current director, and Lawrence, stepson of Steve.

Also working for Beaumonts are Suzie, lead secretary and personal assistant to Steve, and Ros, an experienced accountant, originally trained in the cities pottery industries accounting departments.

Beaumonts has amassed a large portfolio, especially within the logistics, engineering, building, healthcare, environmental and hospitality industries and clients range from small family ran business to national limited companies.


Meet the Team

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Stephen Mountford - Chartered Accountant and Company Owner / Proprietor
Helen Murphy - Accountant
Lawrence Soleimani - Accountant
Suzanne Hamilton-Stanier - Secretary / P.A.
Philip Mountford - Accountants Manager
Rosamund Wilkes - Accountant

Stephen Mountford - Chartered Accountant and Company Owner / Proprietor

With his natural flair for numbers, Steve is the ideal accounting consultant. Steve oversees all the operation, and has especial expertise in UK business taxation.
Steve loves, rambling and is out every weekend no matter what the weather. He also enjoys cricket and gardening.
Qualifications: Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
Mastermind Specialist Subject: UK Tax
Favourite Food? Sunday Dinner
Favourite Cheese? Cheshire
Favourite TV program? Wolf Hall & Downton Abbey

Helen Murphy - Accountant

Helen moved from the glamour of a sales post living abroad, into the even more glamourous world of accounting. Helen takes on accounts, VAT returns and payroll duties here at Beaumonts. Helen is the office socialite, and if she is not off jet setting somewhere exotic, is sipping wine in trendy Cheshire nightspots.
Helen likes to travel and watch her son play football for Leeds United.
Qualifications: Accountancy.
Mastermind Specialist Subject: Bookkeeping
Favourite Food? Fillet Steak and salad
Favourite Cheese? Feta
Favourite TV program? Homeland

Lawrence Soleimani - Accountant

Lawrence has worked in hospitality, marketing, IT, and has eventually settled into the family accounting business. His roles at Beaumonts include producing accounts, VAT returns, Payroll & Pensions and he handles pretty much all the IT side of the business.
He currently enjoys playing 5-a-side, anything to do with the great outdoors, like cycling, camping, rambling and spending time with his young son.
Qualifications: BA(Hons) Business, SixSigma, ITIL, AAT Certified Accountant, City & Guilds Computerised Accounts
Mastermind Specialist Subject: Payroll & Auto-enrolment Pensions
Favourite Food? Curry
Favourite Cheese? Edam
Favourite TV program? Game of Thrones

Suzanne Hamilton-Stanier - Secretary / P.A.

Suzie is the friendly and bubbly face of Beaumonts and first to meet and greet the clients. Her mantra in life is live, laugh and love. Her family mean the world to her and she lovingly refers to them as her munchkins.
She is an obsessed Mick Hucknall fan, counting down the days until his next concert. She maintains a healthy life style by doing yoga, power walking and spinning.
Qualifications: Access to Higher Education (A Level equivalent), Amspar Medical Administration Diploma level 2, Ampsar Medical Secretary Diploma level 3.
Mastermind Specialist Subject: Administration
Favourite Food? Salmon
Favourite Cheese? Mature Cheddar
Favourite TV program? Anything to do with gardening or DIY.

Philip Mountford - Practice Manager

Phil recently joined family business Beaumonts as the Practice manager, taking care of the Beaumonts ledgers and credit control functions, coming from a long background in Purchasing.
Phil was renowned and feared on the cricket pitch as an aggressive opening batsman. Known for his attacking strokes, Phil would have thrived playing in the abbreviated 20 / 20 format and his only claim to fame is that he once played against a relatively unknown Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff.
When he is not cricketing, Phil is a man of simple pleasures who likes walking, and sampling real ale in country pubs after a day out on the hills. He is also a fan of Modern Jazz and seventies Progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes, and reading biographies and historical non-fiction.
Qualifications: HND Business Studies, Institute of Purchasing and Supply Professional qualification.
Favourite Food? A good roast dinner.
Favourite Cheese? English Mature Cheddar.
Favourite TV program? Current events and documentaries. Hates reality TV.

Rosamund Wilkes - Accountant

Mrs Wilkes started her working life in the cities many pot banks payroll departments, back in the day when the wages were stuffed in a little brown envelope. She graduated up through the ranks into a certified accountant and currently is the personal tax return expert here at Beaumonts, also taking on company accounts.
Rosamund loves gardening and travelling.
Qualifications: Accountancy.
Mastermind Specialist Subject: Tax returns
Favourite Food? Bacon Butties
Favourite Cheese? Red Leicester
Favourite TV program? Escape to the country